August 2020 update on international transport routes and modalities.

In this new normal in logistics, we are by your side to accelerate your business and keep your supply chains working perfectly at a high level of activity, without interruptions or delays.

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Air freight

Latin America

We have weekly cargo flight options to Colombia and Ecuador to and from Mexico, always through the best route available; additionally, we offer alternatives at the main airports in Latin America. Flights to Brazil were reactivated, too.

In charter mode, we can offer you excellent options for the Mexico-Latin America route (except to Venezuela) and on-board courier (OBC) services from/to the Dominican Republic.

North America

We’re covering all the main airports in the United States from or to Mexico, with daily frequencies to direct service from Los Angeles and New York.

We are operating OBC services to the US regularly, departing from Mexico City (MEX); to Canada, we are flying to the US and crossing the border by land.

In charter mode, routes to the US and Canada continue to operate normally on GO-NOW services.

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

We’ve guaranteed space by adjusting our weekly consolidated service rate from Germany, handling complete positions and with our own pallets assembly. We also offer air freight solutions from/to the Spain and France, with regular routes.

OBC services increase each day. We have professionals available to/from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic.


We have full charter services available to the continent and we are offering a consolidated service from Hong Kong, departing twice a week. Additionally, we offer options from/to Shenzhen, quoted by event and two weekly frequencies in the route Mexico-Shanghai.

Cargo flights routes to and from Japan and India keep departing on a regular basis. We have OBC services from Asia with direct flights to Mexico (frequencies and availability are limited. Contact us now to book a space!).

Ocean freight

Good news! Our shipping operations are fully functional, with minimal impact. In general, the situation has become more stable and predictable.

Due to the decrease in ship operations, the availability of equipment, space and blank sailings continue to impact the general situation.

North America

United States and Canada – Due to the decrease in ship operations, some ports or terminals have adopted special hours of operation.

Latin America

Ports are operating, but delays may occur at terminals due to downsizing and local quarantine measures.

Colombia – Quarantine extended until August 1.

Ecuador – Transport in Guayaquil reaches 80% of capacity due to the shortage of cargo trucks as a result of the curfew in force.

Peru – The port of Callao operates with delay and productivity reduced by 20%.

Dominican Republic – Transportation operates from 8am to 5pm due to the national curfew.

You can send us your cargo plan so we can start pre-booking. Give us visibility of your business to provide you with the best solution to your needs! If you have any questions, contact your business executive now!

Project cargo

For transporting your heavy or rolling machinery, we offer extended terms both for ocean freight and for the BAF surcharge. Share your projects with us now and our experts will find the most convenient cargo plan for your shipment.

 Ground freight

North America

After the lowest point of demand, in May, the volumes and spot rates of ground transportation in North America continue to increase, aligned with the economic opening; however, the scenario is still unstable.

There is a pronounced imbalance between the availability of Southbound units compared to Northbound. Spot rates have been on the rise for 10 consecutive weeks, creating an inflationary effect. Rates are directly related to the balance between supply and demand on transport routes.

An increase in trade is predicted following the signing of the new T-MEC agreement in July. Ground transportation represents 82% of import-exports between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The US Consumer Confidence Index® fell from 98.3 (1985 = 100) in June to 92.6 in July. The level of consumer spending is a key indicator of industrial production and ground transportation in North America.

United States – The cargo crossing has been almost unaffected. We observed minimal delays due to sanitation controls, lane reductions due to temporary closings and a decrease in unit availability due to the fall in production in the automotive sector. Carriers continue to seek to move first necessity cargo or medical cargo.

The afterhours operation is limited for transfers due to the curfew in Laredo (10pm to 5am). The work in the other border cities is regular, only with delays in crossing for revisions.

Canada – Work is normal, since trade is on the list of indispensable activities, with some precautions such as greater sanitary control and medical check-ups at the border. The transportation of basic goods has priority.

Ground Expedited all over the region – We notice an increase in operations due to the industry’s reactivation; however, there is an imbalance between supply and demand for units, as well as changes in the preferred routes of carriers.

Unit availability is limited due to vendor saturation. We are moving to a market of opportunity, with spot availability and rates.

Central America

All industries in Central America are beginning to reactivate. Traffic and cargo volume are also starting to normalize.

There is still good availability of units for export. Despite the contingency, rates were maintained.

Sanitary filters are maintained in all countries both for the access of drivers and for loading and unloading of goods. The curfew was lifted in Guatemala. However, the restriction to national drivers only in Costa Rica continues, which creates a bottleneck for merchandise access to the country.

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