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In a sector that just won’t stop growing, with heavy demands and tight deadlines,our experience enables us to provide seamless, tailor-made solutions, flexible and efficient to optimize supply chain turnarounds and reduce costs..

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We work hard to ensure the most essential parts to make any machinery functional arrive at its destination without a hitch and in perfect condition.

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From commodities to each subsector specific components, we transport all kinds of materials essential to manufacture new products. We provide high performance customized logistics solutions, built to deliver fast and successfully according to your supply chain requirements.


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What’s the difference between a freight forwarder and a customs agent?

Excellency freight forwarders, like Europartners Group, can design logistics solutions for your company’s supply chains. We’re a business partner dedicated to transport merchandise and to manage risks in this area.
Customs agents take care of the nationalization declarations that must be presented to authorities.

Why do logistic services rates vary so much?

Because there are five factors that, when combined, determine how much a cargo movement must cost:

  1. Cargo weight
  2. Cargo dimensions (length, width,
  3. Origin and destination
  4. Validity/temporality/seasonality. Or, to make it simple: if it is high
    or low season in the origin and destination areas.
  5. How urgent is the shipment.

Contact us and we’ll design the best logistic plan for your company, with the best rates available.

What’s in Incoterm®?

The International Commercial Terms, usually knows for its acronym Incoterms®, are the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) world-wide
standardized contract conditions, that are applied to international buying and selling transactions. They determine responsibilities, and export, logistics and insurance costs.

Do you need more information about Incoterms®? Contact us and let us know your logistics needs.

What info must I provide to get a quote?

  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Service modality (air, ocean or ground)
  • Number of items/packages
  • Dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Service type (regular, special or
  • Invoice value (optional)

Do you have any additional doubts?
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Does Europartners Group transport dangerous/hazardous merchandise?

Depends on the merchandise. We analyze each case to decide the viability, depending on the type of product and the information available on its Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or Dangerous Goods and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Do you need to ship dangerous material or any other tailor-made solution?
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