April 2023 – A few weeks ago, we officially announced the renewal of our corporate image at a global level, unifying the 4 brands that today conform Europartners Group (a.k.a. epGroup).

Now we are getting closer to starting this new chapter in our history, in which we’ll go beyond a visual transformation.

We have a purpose for 2030 that will transform the service experienced by our customers: we will become the world’s most trusted brand providing time-sensitive and time-critical logistics solutions for global manufacturing companies.

In such a disruptive world, you need more than a freight forwarder

Nowadays, global supply chains are constantly threatened by the multiple factors of volatility in the markets, putting at risk the continuity of their production lines and, therefore, their growth and their industry evolution.

Manufacturing companies can no longer rely on international transport agents with limited capabilities; they need logistics partners who can reliably coordinate and manage the delivery times of their cargo.

This is where we come in.

Our mission with xpd global® is to develop a new premium expedited logistics experience, capable of enabling our customers to plan and expand their operations globally.

We seek to provide certainty, visibility, and peace of mind on your cargo delivery times, even when there’s an urgent shipment.

We will be the most reliable logistics partner for our customers

We know that our vision for 2030 is bold.

To achieve our goal -and guide our clients to success-, we have built a transformation roadmap based on 5 strategic pillars:

    • Offering global air freight solutions in close partnership with the airlines that have the best performance delivering planned and urgent cargo delivery. • Integrating technology that enables to speed up the best decisions on international transport in real time. • Maintaining 24/7-365 service centers in every region of the world to ensure on-time deliveries. • Connecting the Americas, Europe, and Asia, through our offices, strategic routes, and local talents to streamline cargo movement. • Empowering and developing the best logistics’ professionals, dedicated to our clients’ unmatched satisfaction.

    A new logistics’ experience

    In the next few months, we’ll be transitioning to xpd global® in a simple and seamless way. Our commercial agreements and service levels with customers and partners will remain the same. This marks the final step in unifying epGroup’s four brands.

    Keep following our story and let us be part of yours.

    xpd global® – a new logistics experience is on its way.

    Has our plan sparked your interest?

    Connect with us, anytime.  We will be glad to answer your questions about our brand unification process or to provide you with more information about the logistics as seen by xpd global®.

    For more information about our rebranding, also consult our frequently asked questions guide in the following link: FAQs